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Elisabeth Pettersen Sonoff's 164-page BTNW! book is now available for online ordering!

To whet your appetite for purchasing your very own copy or to obtain copies for your friends, please take a few moments to peruse the sampling of images for cakes, cookies, crackers, and kransekake that are provided on the Web pages within this BTNW! book Web site.

About the Book


Pages 10 through 81 of the BTNW! book contain thirty-nine (39) cake recipes. Below are a few examples of the final products of those cake recipes.



Pages 82 through 143 of the BTNW! book contain forty-one (41) cookie recipes, and the images below illustrate just a few of these cookies.



Pages 144 through 153 of the BTNW! book contain six (6) cracker recipes illustrated by the images provided below.


Almond Tower Cake (Kransekake)

Pages 154 through 159 of the BTNW! book details how to create, assemble, and decorate what is often referred to as the official celebration cake of Norway. The final creation of this special cake is highlighted in the image provided below.



Finally, thank you for your interest in learning more about the eighty-seven (87) wonderful recipes that are contained in Elisabeth Pettersen Sonoff's BTNW! book. As always, she wishes you "Happy Baking!"